Soigné Engineering Consultants also provides Project Management & Engineering consulting customized to meet all your Project Management requirements. Working in partnership with you, SEC provides the requisite leadership and impetus for the projects thereby helping you achieve optimum business results in the given time frame and budget. We are a single widow solutions provider.

Our in-house design and engineering capabilities translate to ‘Value Engineering’ in presenting alternatives and the latest technologies in construction. The impressive track record of SEC successful projects across diverse portfolios speaks volumes about our practices.

Our few services include:
  • Planning and Scheduling of Construction Activities
  • Quality Inspection and Monitoring for Rail, Road and other Building Works
  • Construction Supervision
  • Proof Consultancy

Soigné Engineering Consultants has its own infrastructure to facilitate its clients with accuracy & timely services.

Typical Services:
  1. DGPS -3 Nos.
  2. Total Station -3 Nos.
  3. GPS Devices -2 Nos.
  4. Auto Level -2 Nos.
  5. Rodometer -2 Nos.
Project Types:
  • Sole Professional - 1 license
  • Quantity Estimation - 1 license
  • Other allied software
  • Compression Testing Machine
  • Vibrating Table
  • Sieve Set
  • Manual sieve shaker
  • Aggregate Impact tester
  • Los Angles abrasion test apparatus
  • Flakiness/Elongation apparatus
  • Crushing Value Apparatus
  • Impact value Apparatus
  • Pycnometer – 50ml and 1ltr.
  • Vicat apparatus
  • Le-Chatlier Apparatus
  • Marshal Stability Apparatus
  • Softening Point apparatus
  • Penetrometer
  • Ductility testing apparatus
  • Bitumen Extractor (Electrical & manual)
  • CBR Apparatus
  • Proctor density Apparatus
  • Core Cutter Apparatus
  • Atterberg’s Limit Apparatus
  • Direct Shear Apparatus
  • Consolidometer appratus
  • Sand Replacement apparatus
  • Soil Permeability
  • Unconfined Compressive strength test apparatus
  • Triaxial shear test apparatus
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Cement vibrating machine
  • Cement and Concrete Cube Moulds
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Vacuum Desiccators
  • Weigh Balances of accuracy 0.001 gm, 0.01 gm, 0.1 gm & 1gm
  • Water Bath
  • Temperature controlled curing Tank
  • Other allied equipment